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Esther Turner

Founder & Executive Director

Impacting Villages in Africa Ministries was established in 2012; however Ms. Turner actually started serving on the mission field in Uganda since 2006. Ms. Turner developed a passion and heartfelt concern for the impoverished children and the people of Uganda and was inspired to develop projects in severely deprived villages.


Impacting Villages in Africa Ministries works in areas of the country that are severely improvised and where child mortality is skyrocketing due to AIDS and malaria, and children who commonly suffer from "worm disease" due to the contaminated water in the country.  We help to facilitate projects such as clean water systems for villages, entrepreneurial development programs for families, health care and educational programs for children by working with our Christian ministry, many of which have lost one or both parents.


Ms. Turner is a Minister and teaches the gospel which includes churches, women and teen conferences and small group interaction.

Message from Pastor Nsubuga Rock Peter
Dominion Global International Family Church
Kampala Uganda
Senior Advisor for Impacting Villages in Africa Ministries
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